New York City’s Full Service Water Cost Management Company

New York City Water Cost ManagementAquaAudit is a full service New York City water cost management company providing Water Meter Reading services, backflow prevention device installation, and more. Our water audit professionals have helped property management companies, building owners, and commercial property tenants save hundreds of thousands of dollars!

From confusing, inflated Department of Environmental Protection bills to overblown frontage costs, our auditing and water meter reading consultants work hard to make sure you’re not being overcharged. Suspect you’re paying too much for your building’s water services? Call the experts at AquaAudit, and stop spending money like water now!

Backflow Prevention Device Testing, Installation and Repair

In addition to our auditing and refund services, AquaAudit works to keep NYC green by installing backflow prevention devices at applicable businesses. The NYC Department of Environmental Protection requires these devices, designed to prevent potentially-harmful chemicals from reentering the drinking water supply, at premises that use harmful chemicals. If you own a hair or nail salon, butcher shop, laundromat, car wash, dry cleaner, supermarket, or even a large residential building, AquaAudit’s back flow prevention device and sub-meter installation services can save you money and bring you up to code for your next DEP inspection. Don’t forget–backflow prevention devices must be tested annually. Call AquaAudit today at (718) 839-4696 to schedule your annual test.

Get a Water Audit

Whether you need a water audit, a back flow prevention device, a water meter reading, or paperwork filled out to get your business past the red tape, our goal is simple—that is, to make things simple for you! All you have to do is pick up the phone, and our complete water cost management team will take care of the heavy lifting. Our expert frontage vs. metered-billing analysis has returned over $100,000 in credits for landlords, co-op boards, and property management companies across the city. Our audits have saved even more for building owners with inaccurate DEP and DOF bills.

Whether you own one building or manage an entire portfolio or properties, AquaAudit’s experienced professionals can handle all of your water cost management needs, large or small! Let us lower your water bills. Call (718) 839-4696 today.

Trickle Down Economics

We specialize in auditing Department of Environmental Protection and Department of Finance bills for overcharges and billing discrepancies. We find overlapping bills, estimated bills, we’ve even found bills for meters that don’t exist.

We fight for you to obtain a rightful refund or credit and we are so confident in our ability that we offer our services on a contingency basis, so there is no cost to you unless we earn a savings.

To learn more about what AquaAudit can do for you, contact us.

Landlords and Building Managers

As water rates are projected to skyrocket over the next several years, building owners and managers want to be sure each tenant carries their water, at least in terms of payments! AquaAudit can sub-meter each tenant, coordinate meter readings to coincide with the city’s meter reading schedule, and print bills for every tenant, saving you money while reducing your administrative burden.

Any Retail and Commercial Establishments

Many commercial tenants want to know how to verify whether the bills they receive from their landlords are accurate. Having your own sub-meter is the best way to monitor actual water use. This produces an independent reading, from which we can create a water-use statement you can provide to your landlord. That’s just one of the ways the AquaAudit team can help with your finances.

Tap AquaAudit to save you water, time and money!

For years we’ve been saving precious resources for our clients — water, time and money. We know New York, we know its regulatory agencies, and we know how to get you exactly what you pay for. Nothing less.

At AquaAudit, we work with landlords and property managers of residential, commercial and mixed-use properties. We understand the pressure you feel in making sure you’re getting a fair deal and we can offer you a range of choices and services to make sure you do.

We pride ourselves in our superior customer service, our meticulous attention to detail and our prompt response and follow-up.