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Water Meter Reading by the Pros

AquaAudit is a full service water cost management company that provides Water Meter Reading and water audit services in New York City. Our experienced auditing team has gotten our customers water refund credits worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and is dedicated to making sure your DEP, DOF, or frontage bill is fair!
In addition to our reading and auditing services, we install backflow prevention devices to keep New York’s drinking water safe, and your business or large residential property up to code. Whatever services you need, you can trust AquaAudit to provide the best water cost management support in the New York area!

Get a Water Refund

We have years of experience in the NYC water auditing industry—if there’s a water refund to be had, we’ll track it down for you! Using data collected during your water meter reading, our cost management professionals can accurately determine how much water you really use, and how much you should be getting charged. Over our time in business, we’ve gotten hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of refund credits for our customers! Whether you’re a building owner, a commercial tenant, or part of a management company, the experts at AquaAudit can help you switch to a more precise billing method, and get the refund you deserve.

Water Audit Services and More to Help You Save

The water audit experts at AquaAudit help you get a better idea of how much water your building or business really uses. We find overlapping or otherwise inaccurate water bills, as well as meticulously review your financial statements for errors in your favor. Best of all–our audits are performed on a contingency basis, so there is never an upfront or out-of-pocket expense. We only get paid if a savings, credit, or refund is obtained. Our meter readings and Frontage vs. Metered-Billing Analysis services are a great way to prevent you from overpaying for water in the future, and our sub-meter and back flow prevention device installation will make sure you’re violation-free on your next inspection.
Whether your priority is cost effectiveness or environmental soundness, contacting AquaAudit for all of your water cost management needs is a smart move for your building or business. To learn more about our services, call 718-839-4696 today!

Success Stories

“Our company recently took over the management of a 220-unit co-op with 10 commercial tenants. The co-op was paying $120,000 annually on frontage and was mistakenly paying the quarterly water bills for all of the commercial tenants as well.”

“AquaAudit’s Frontage vs. Metered-Billing analysis showed how we could save approximately $40,000 annually just by switching to Metered-Billing. AquaAudit handled the entire conversion, met with DEP’s inspectors, filed all paperwork, and monitored the billing transition to ensure we were charged correctly. AquaAudit also detected a billing discrepancy on one of our accounts and obtained a $47,000 credit for the co-op board.”

“They also reviewed the commercial tenants’ historical usage, back-billed them for four years and recouped an additional $20,000 for the co-op board. AquaAudit now reads our water meters on a quarterly basis, ensuring our bill from DEP for the building meter is correct and helping us accurately charge our tenants for the water they use.”

“We have benefited tremendously from AquaAudit’s full-service approach to water cost management.”

Director of Property Management

“We are a non-profit organization that occupies the top three floors of a building above a Laundromat. The water bills given to us every quarter by our landlord seemed exceptionally high for our organization’s limited water needs.”

“We retained AquaAudit to review our past two years of water bills. After a site inspection and thorough auditing, AquaAudit determined we were paying 100% of the building’s water cost while only using 15% of the water. AquaAudit was instrumental in recouping a $55,000 credit from the landlord. We now split the bills equitably with the Laundromat.”

“Thanks to AquaAudit this non-profit is far more profitable.”

Director of Housing Development